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Screen printing is an alternative personalization option for many of our products. We price the setup and application cost according to the product type, number of units and number of colors to screen.  

Simply email or call us and we'll asssist you in every step of the process.


Project Assistance

Contact us for an assistance / estimate at 1-866-661-5454 (ask for Bobby)


email us a team@linehonors.com 

Screen Printing Process :

Screen printing, also called silk screening, is a way to print custom or personalized logos, text, or artwork repeatedly on t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags or any other apparel you wish to customize. Basically, a screen is imprinted with your design, placed over the item to be printed, and then ink is forced through the screen with a squeegee onto the item. The item is then placed through an oven to cure the ink. We start with the customer's idea or logo, next we move on to the art department who takes your idea and starts shaping it into the final design. We take that final design to our production department to create the screens for each of the colors in your shirt and begin the printing process.

Step I: Designing Artwork

Artwork is either sent to us from the customer or we create it from the customer's idea. We prefer to use or create vector type files because it provides nice sharp images no matter what size is used. Once we have the artwork, we generate t-shirt composites that we'll email it to customer for for the customer to review and approve. This is not an actual printed t-shirt but a computer generated t-shirt, which will be a really good representation of what the artwork will look like and shows placement of the artwork. The customer is required to approve this t-shirt composite before we go to the next step. At this time you can instruct to make any changes. We'll work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the design! 

Step II: Color Separation & Film Print for Screens

Once the artwork is approved, we print the design as a positive on a transparency. If the design has more than one color, we have to separate the design and print a positive for each color so that we can create a separate screen for each one.

Step III: Preparing the Screens for Screen Printing

Screen printing relies on well constructed screens. The film positives from the production artist go to the screen department, who prepares the screen by coating itwith photosensitive emulsion. The color separated positive is attached to the emulsion coated screens, and taken to be burned for t-shirt printing. The screen is placed into a unit that exposes it to ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light burns the design into the screen, removing the emulsion to let ink come through the screen. This is very important to get the best screen printing results. 


Step IV: Starting Screen Print on your Shirts

With the screen burned images, we begin to set up the machine. Inks are poured onto proper screens and then technician is to do printing registration. The screen printer then loads the t shirt making sure that it is even and placing straight on the screen printing platens.Once it is loaded properly, the printer lowers the screen and pulls the ink across it with a rubber squeegee. The t-shirt is then removed and placed on a belt that runs under a special dryer. This dryer will cure the ink at 320°F. At the end of the dryer, Quality Controller inspects each garment to ensure the garment meets our high quality standards. T-shirts passed from the inspection, are folded and ready to ship out to the Customers.